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Our Story

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in 2008 with the aim of importing high quality technical education in the area of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an intake of 60. Six batches of students have been graduated so far. The pure expertise and dedication of the faculty members along with infrastructural facilities coupled with perseverance of the students have catapulted the branch to the top league.

The department has a student forum TESLA for conducting career developing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of students. It organizes Seminars, Quiz Programmes, Industrial Visits, Paper Contests, Group Discussions, Guest Lectures, Career Guidance, and Games etc under its auspices. TESLA also organizes Technical Exhibitions for benefit of local public.



The primitive motto of the department is to build the talent for the future to meet limitless opportunities. The department also wants to bridge the gap between academia and industry. In association with Leading Industries we offer Technical training and hands on experience in emerging technologies. Academic performance is not lesser to meet competition.

Our products are well received by the industry and are represented in all top companies in India and also in foreign universities. We believe that the department has with its experienced and committed faculty, the capacity and the ability to emerge as significant player in the global competition. Continuing this tradition we are committed to constantly forge ahead to greater heights to make India a Super Power in the knowledge era.

Vision & Mission

  • To mould the young minds with a global outlook for professional practice as Electrical and Electronics Engineers to serve the industry and society.
  • To impart industry oriented technical skills to develop creative and interactive professionals.
  • To inculcate values like sincerity, honesty, team spirit, leadership quality and flexibility in budding electrical and electronics engineers so as to help them face the future with the holistic spirits.
  • To provide world class facilities to enhance technical expertise of students and create an ambience for research.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Have successful technical and professional careers in their chosen fields such as circuit theory, Field theory, control theory and computational platforms.
  • Engross in life long process of learning to keep themselves abreast of new developments in the field of Electronics and their applications in power engineering.
  • Draw well-founded conclusions applying the knowledge acquired from research and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data and synthesis of information and to arrive at significant conclusion.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply the Mathematical knowledge and the basics of Science and Engineering to solve the problems pertaining to Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.
  • Identify and formulate Electrical and Electronics Engineering problems from research literature and be ability to analyze the problem using first principles of Mathematics and Engineering Sciences.
  • Come out with solutions for the complex problems and to design system components or process that fulfill the particular needs taking into account public health and safety and the social, cultural and environmental issues.